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Refrigerated Air Dryers

We are one of the leading Manufacturers & Suppliers of Refrigerated Air Dryers. The Refrigerated Air Dryers are fabricated by our engineers using cutting-edge technology and superior quality parts and components. The Refrigerated Air Dryers supplied by are robustly constructed, sturdy, efficient and durable. Clients can avail quality tested and highly functional Refrigerated Air Dryers from us at competitive prices.

Construction & Working :
The basic principal of operation of the Refrigerated Air Dryer is the removal of moisture by cooling air to certain preset temperature. The air entering the system enters into the precooler. A Precooler is a heat exchanger where the incoming hot air is being cooled by the outgoing cold air so as to reduce the heat loads for the evaporator and thereby the refrigeration system.

When the air is cooled, i.e., when the heat is removed from the air, the water vapour will get condensed. It is easy to remove the moisture as a condensate than the moisture in water vapour state.

The air from the precooler enters into the Evaporator. In evaporator the cooling, heat removal is done by the boiling refrigerant requires heat to boil. This heat is evolved from the air. Air is cooled to 2 o 4 c. When the temperature drops, the moisture turns to condensate moisture is a form of water.

The air with condensate enters into moisture separator where the moisture is removed with the help of auto drain centrifugal action of air during the centrifugal passage of air, moisture being the denser medium.

The refrigerant circuit consists of a compressor, a condenser, a filter dryer, expansion valve or a capillary tube and an evaporator. The low temperature refrigerant vapour enters the compressor. Compressor rises the pressure of the refrigerant. Also the temp of ref. gas.

The hot, high-pressure refrigerant enters into the condenser. In the condenser, heat is removed from the refrigerant by circulating cold air using the Fan. The low temperature, high-pressure liquid enters the filter dryer, where the dirt contents are removed. The refrigerant, then passed into the expansion valve, The temperature of the refrigerant leaving the expansion valve will be ΓΆ€“ 1 C, This low-pressure liquid refrigerant enters the evaporator. In the evaporator, the refrigerant boils and becomes low-pressure vapour. The Vapour enters the compressor and the cycle continues.

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